VIsionary Organics

A New York Based Video Production and Creative Services Company. For Businesses and Organizations that seek Internal Media & Original Documentary Film Content, we Create Storytelling Films for your Brand to Generate Trends in Social Media. A One-Stop Shop for all your Digital Media & Promotional Needs. A space for enlightened individuals to view uplifting films to enrich the body, mind & soul.


From a short consultation we conceptualize visual stories through film to elevate branding identity for companies with integrity looking to establish a global presence. In order to be an influence in the industry we highly recommend utilizing film content to interact with a targeted audience. 

Our hyper-efficient film production process has been developed by Shay Motion in 11 years of filmmaking, allowing us to produce a year's worth of video content in a month's timeframe. We use broadcast quality camera equipment to achieve a production value that offers our clientele the best bang for the buck. Our areas of expertise are in:


  • Short/Feature Length Documentaries
  • Promotional Videos, Instagram Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Event Videos
  • Culinary Shows, Restaurant Features
  • Real Estate Walkthroughs
  • Web Series
  • Tutorials, Webinars
  • Live Lectures, Educational Courses



Having an appealing brand is crucial to the success of a business. Consumers not only want to see a brand that they can identify with but also want to be part of a culture that is ever evolving. The visionary appeal allows consumers to see a brand that has a futuristic mindset, and will sustain a positive impact for the industry they are involved in. Utilizing social media, we create trends with an artistic style, allowing information to spread organically. 

Our expertise is in understanding the trends of society and generating impactful media for a brand that increase consumer confidence and loyalty over an extended period of time. We focus deeply into strategizing marketing plans that identify the targeted audience and drive traffic directly towards the brand, building a fan base in order to produce desired results. Our Creative Branding Services include:

  • Yearly Marketing Blueprints
  • Logo/Slogan Concepts
  • Strategizing for Sustainability in Business Models
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Website Design


Consumers are much more engaged through visual content than written material and the trend continues as the social media audience grows to become a worldwide community. Graphics benefit a company by solidifying a brand and providing visual information to jam-pack ideas for consumers to understand the model of a business' product and/or service.

Our extensive research in social media has allowed us to understand what captivates consumers and how we can generate organic results through artistic visual media. The services we offer include:

  • Branding & Logo Development
  • Infographics
  • Animation
  • Print Materials
  • High-Resolution Photography
  • Digital Memes for Social Media



Maintaining an interactive role in social media can be even more than a full-time position. A targeted audience needs to be constantly reminded of a company's presence, and with the overload of information online it's becoming more and more difficult to truly stand out in the crowd. Being social not only means posting content but also engaging in a close relationship with the fan base. As a company's following grows, it becomes increasing challenging as social media algorithms can detect sincerity or aloofness in marketing strategy.

Our expertise is in maintaining communities in social media through film and visual content that allows consumers to obsess over the original content being generated through a brand. Once a community is developed, a company can maintain it's revenue through constant interactive promotions with the visual media that's being produced. Our services include: 

  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Management
  • Video and Article Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development
  • Promotional Content via Visionary Organics' Networks


It truly takes a team of intellectuals to create a business model with an appealing brand that has the potential to sustain itself over a long period of time. Many startups fail in the beginning stages because the groundwork and strategy was not properly laid out in terms that give the business concept a structure it truly deserves. In an ever-evolving industry, markets change hands in an instance, and that's why it's crucial for a business to properly lay out the foundation before servicing the community. 

As our company felt the stresses of the startup phase, we've learned the hard way that structure is fundamentally the most important factor in organizing an entity. At first, we thought we should focus our attention on sales, but we quickly realized without structure we cannot sell our services for what they are truly worth. This is why we have focused our attention to providing services through our experiences we feel necessary to share with our clientele so that a company can skip the hardships that we've encountered. Our services include:

  • Sustainable Business Model Structuring
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Investor Presentations
  • Financial Analysis, Projections
  • Strategizing for Cost Efficiency
  • Strategizing for E-Commerce Solutions

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